Thursday, May 21, 2009

Meeting our Doula

So we decided a little late in the game to have a doula with us at the birth 1) to help Eric out with the physical aspects of assisting with the birth and 2) to have someone with us in the event I wind up having to go to the hospital as the midwives don't. We met with a woman this morning with whom we couldn't be more comfortable and we definitely look forward to having her there with us. I will also confess that I didn't truly have a full understanding of what a doula contributes to the birth experience before this meeting, particularly the support one might get from a family member with the knowledge and objectivity of a professional who won't be too swept up in our emotional state (especially knowing us). I really feel like we would have missed out had we not pursued this.

So we're at 39+4 and so far no real changes that I've noticed. That's fine as I've been wrapping up a couple of things at work this week but should be done by tomorrow. I'm just concerned about having less time with Nia before intern orientation starts June 16th if she arrives after our EDD. Hopefully she'll be ready soon enough. I also look forward to feeling my fingers again. Stay tuned. -M

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