Friday, March 27, 2009

The Countdown Is Progressing...

...and I am stressing. We still haven't finished cleaning the place so we could bring in the baby furniture and thankfully my mother has been nice about Nia's stuff taking over most available space. My old bedroom when I used to live there is packed with clothing for the baby that people have given us or handed down to us.

I keep looking at things for the baby and realizing how much we still need that we didn't even put on the registry.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Brooklyn baby Shower Pics

Here are somne pictures from Nia's baby shower in New York. We want to thank everyone for coming and for all the great stuff for Nia!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Melissa Week 29+

Holy shmoley it's like 73 days and counting... Here is a new picture of Melissa and Nia in full bulginess with mess in the background (those are boxes we're using to pack stuff up for storage so we can make room for all of Nia's stuff)

Mom and Pops

I realize we don't have a picture of the two of us on here so here is one from a week ago.

Zapatos y Más Zapatos

OK, I realize we have an addiction, and I realize I am committing crimes against my Puma pride by showing these, but we couldn't refuse these when we got them as a gift. Plus they are so colorful and shiny.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Captians Log Stardate 30609

I'm not a Trekkie. I swear. It is Melissa and my 4th anniversary of our first date. Now that we're married that might seem trivial but in 4 short years I realize we have shared so much especially now that we are expecting Nia. I am so anxiously awaiting our little baby sometimes I can't even sleep which I know I should because once Nia comes sleep probably will be a luxury. But I thought I would write a short note to my love...


You show never ending compassion and empathy. You are intelligent and street smart, and have the polish of a debutante. You are a proud Latina and love your culture yet are equally at home at a Dave Mathews Band concert, unless you spill something on you then the Brooklyn comes out. Your family has told me several times that You said you would probably never want to get married, let alone have kids. Up until the day we actually got married your brother and mother were still not in total belief you would go through with it. So I am quite honored that on both counts, you chose to do them with me.

You will make an amazing mother to Nia and Gillian because you have conviction and integrity like I have never seen. You weather my emotional side and entertain my rants.

Melissa you are my best friend and I can't wait to raise Nia together with you.

Love always,

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Week 28

Don't really have a clever title for this one. I had another visit with the midwife yesterday and things are still going swimmingly. Have to step up the physical activity though as the glucose test I took was right at the upper limit of normal. Got a yoga/pilates DVD which I started today. The instructor borders on annoying at times but the routines seem appropriate for where I am right now (not to mention Eric likes the Australian accent).

We've been on the lookout for an armoire that will hold Nia's things yet still fit in our cozy abode. Think we may have found something, but it's gonna take some major furniture rearranging, which along with trying to get rid of stuff to make room for the little one, are the daunting tasks ahead. I guess I'll get that exercise in one way or another. -M

Sunday, March 1, 2009

New York Baby Shower

This is the flyer for the New York baby shower
happening the end of this month...