Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Funny Story

So when Melissa and I wet to get the real pregnancy blood test it was funny because when they gave us the results Melissa and I high fived each other. That's funny, but the response from the nurse that took the test was great. After the high five the nurse said "I take it you're happy with the positive result?" and when we said yes she said "well that's a nice switch". -E

Melissa Month 1

Each month we will be posting a new picture of Melissa as Buddy continues to grow. There is also a sideshow to the left but since this is month 1, there's not much of a show. Are we seeing the "glow" of pregnancy yet? -E

Monday, September 29, 2008

Week 6

So I'm on this website which sends me emails with pics of what Buddy's looking like. Here's the week 6 (technically around week 4), heart beat's a goin, limb buds, creepy eye buds and a tail!

I'm in love. -M

First Exam

So Melissa and I decided we wanted to go the route of having a midwife and avoiding the hospitals as much as possible. Doing it the traditional way robs you of so much of what giving birth is about when you add all he drugs and doctors into the mix (no offense dear). So we had our first visit at the Midwife Center on Friday the 20th of September. It's such a loving and warm environment and they have 4 top of the line birthing jacuzzis and the people there speak with such a soft inviting tone. Part of the decision was from watching the movie "The Business of Being Born." Maybe not your typical Friday night date movie but if you're considering having kids you should check it out.

From what we learned at the exam everything looks great so far and Melissa even got a great look at her cervix. That's really it for now, the baby's not really much to look at yet but soon we'll be able to hear the heartbeat.

We already have first names picked out but were looking for some middle names, any suggestions?

So It Begins....

Melissa and I would like to welcome you to our baby blog for Buddy. Buddy is the generic name we have given to the mixed DNA cluster of cells that is now growing inside of my lovely wife which will over the next 9 months become a Jewyorican (A New Yorker of mixed Puerto Rican/Jewish heritage. Also can be spelled Juyorican). The baby is due on or around May 25, 2009, weather permitting. We will chronicle this journey for all to share for those that can't enjoy this special time here with us.

It's official... (Of course we went and had a real test done)